Objectives  ( Trend Setting School Policy)


  • To Make education exciting  & less burdensome
  • To facilitate self learning, stimulate imagination, creativity and originality.
  • Note books to be kept in the school 
  • Home work load is lessened
  • Learning by doing
  • Activities designed for sense-training, physical, social, cognitive, emotional and language development.
  • Pre-writing, pre-reading skills and pre-number concepts are incorporated in Pre-primary cases.
  • Mathematics learning aids for each child.
  • Group activities for all classes.
  • Role play and theatrical skills.
  • Dance, song, puppetry, story telling forms a very important place in the scheme especially at Kinder-Garten  and  primary classes.
  • Liberal use of child friendly library.
  • Thematic display boards.
  • Animated group discussion.
  • Task sheets leading to comprehensive ability and analytical capability.
  • Testing and evaluation harmoniously blended with classroom teaching.
  • Counseling sessions for the parents about the progress of the child in all aspects.
  • The School believes in firm and capable handling of the children, but it is strongly against corporal punishments, mental emotional threats and traumas.

Birthday Wishes
  • Bavanika. K
  • III - B
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!
  • Abinaya P
  • II - B
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!
  • Krish Vetrivel M
  • II - A
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!