•  Parents should see to that their wards do not absent  themselves from school except under unavoidable circumstances.
  • The Pupils should be in the school premises before the first bell.  Late comers will be marked absent for half a day.
  • If a pupil is expected to be absent from school, application for leave must be made in the prescribed leave application format attached in this Hand book and prior sanction obtained.  The same should be recorded in the Hand book.
  • If leave is asked for any reason of sickness for more than 2 days, Medical Certificate must be attached along with the application.
  • No absence is allowed on the re-opening days as well as on the last day of each term.
  • Permission to go home during school hours for very serious reasons is to be obtained from the Principal on production of a written request by the parents.
  • A minimum of 90% attendance is a must for promotion to higher classes.
  • If leave letter is submitted after the student has taken leave it will be treated as absent.
  • Prior written Permission should  be availed from the Principal for attending Karate grading Examination.
Birthday Wishes
  • Bavanika. K
  • III - B
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!
  • Abinaya P
  • II - B
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!
  • Krish Vetrivel M
  • II - A
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!