NIIT Nguru Math Lab

NIIT Nguru Math Lab Learn math the play way
 A unique technology enabled learning  Solution designed for taking  teaching  and learning of Mathematics  to the next level.

  •   The revolutionary student – centric explorative       learning     approach of Learn –    Apply – Diagnose -   LAD  provides ample   opportunities for the    Students   to          learn the concepts   through   fun-filled experiences.
  •  The hands on sensory learning   experiences is  provided     within the classroom.
  •  Use variety of strategies to solve  problems  individually   and collaboratively.
  •  Understanding, reasoning and  learning by using   concrete  objects improves   confidence in students.

The lab will engage students to learn Math easily, interestingly and develop a passion for the subject.

Birthday Wishes
  • Abiraksha. K
  • IV - B
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!