Note to Parents
  •   All round co-operation of  the parents and the guardian is requested so that their children may get the best out of the school. 
  •   The handbook is the most effective medium of Parent - Teacher communication.  Parents are requested to go through the Hand book daily, look in for home activity and other endorsements made by the teachers.  This daily parental interest in their children's progress is very important as it systematises children's study habits. 
  •  Parents are welcome to visit the school but, they are requested not to enter class rooms and speak to their children or talk to the teachers during class hours without the prior permission from the Principal. 
  •   Parents can meet the respective facilitators regarding the child's progress between 3.45 p.m. and before 4. 45 p.m. only. 
  •  Parents who seek information or wish to make suggestions or complaints should do so to the Correspondent / Principal and not to the class teacher. 
  •   A record of address of the parents or guardian is maintained in the School office.  Any change of address should be communicated without delay. 
  •  Parents are requested to sign the Late Attendance Record in the Hand book whenever necessary.  They are requested to discourage late attendance.  Parents are responsible for sending the children on time and also taking them back in time. 
  • Please sign the diaries promptly when a warning note or circular is sent to you to indicate to us that you have seen the same. 
  • Parents are requested not to give any money to their children except on written request from the school. 
  •  Parents are requested to send a permission letter duly signed whenever, they send someone else to pick the child from the school. 
  • The entrusting of a pupil to the school implies that parents agree to stand by the rules and regulations of the school. 
  • Parents are requested to see that children abide by the school regulations without any  infringement. 
  •  Parents are strictly advised not to send chocolates or sweets for distribution on special occasions like birthdays.  Instead they are requested to send healthy nutritious snacks like sprouted sundal, fruits, coconut burfi, groundnut burfi etc.
Birthday Wishes
  • Abiraksha. K
  • IV - B
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!