·        Learner centered activity oriented teaching.

·        Communicative and interactive two way process of learning.

·        CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) FA  / SA  Formative Assessment & Summative Assessment class I – IX.

·        Inculcate rational, analytical, critical and higher order thinking skills.

·        Build and consolidated and instill moral values in each student.

·        Strengthen the curriculum, enhance and stimulate the creative and cognitive ability in the children.


Highlights of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation – CCE Two fold objectives

1. Continutiy in Evaluation

2.  Assessment of Broad-based learning and behavioural activities.

Components of CCE

Formative Assessment ( Continuous)

·        Happens throughout each term.

·        Gives scope for use in a diagnostic and remedial manner.

               Summative Assessment ( Comprehensive)

·        Conducted at the end of each term.

·        Blue print based, objective, written, individual and graded.

            Formative Part I – Scholastic areas ( I do, I learn)

            Formative Part II – Co – Scholastic areas

                                           ( Critical, creative thinking, Decision making and so on)

The advantages of CCE


·        Reduce stress on children

·        Make evaluation comprehensive and regular

·        Provide space for the teachers for creative teaching.

·        Provide a tool for diagnosis and for producing learners with greater skills.

·        Hence, the CCE pattern of teaching and learning enables the child grow, with sufficient exposure in the “Multi Task  Activities” which in blended with life skills.

·        The FA & SA life skill activities are assessed and grades given, which helps the child to know his or her status.

·        Make children to enjoy practical learning and to be in par with CBSE / ICSE standards.

·        The CCE paves way for a pleasurable learning all through in natural way.




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