Unique Facets
  • Child friendly environment.
  • Individual care and attention
  • Assessment through grades – encouragement to large number of students inculcating ‘Sense of belonging ‘ to a particular group.
  • Hands on learning.
  • MIKids.
  • Karadi tales
  • Edu-comp classes
  • Group discussions
  • Project work
  • Audio & video based education
  • Coaching for high achievers and special coaching for slow learners.
  • Continuous monitoring of performance and positive inputs.
  • Yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques imparted
  • Computer education in alliance with NIIT.
  • Task sheets
  • Inter class quiz competition
  • Club activities.
  • Life skill training.
  • Multi-task activities.
  • Best class Rolling Trophy.
  • Parents Open Meet.
  • “Lathangi, a pioneer in introducing 21st Century Learning for Kids”

Lathangi’s Centre for Creativity & Innovation

  • Caters to the advanced learning methodology through sophisticated technology.
  • Kindles and inspires curiosity in the young budding minds of KG to VIII std. students by setting milestones in innovative learning.
  • 3 Most Significant Labs were initiated to hone and sharpen the multidisciplinary creative thinking skills for meeting the challenges  of the 21st Century.
Inaugurated 3 Innovative Labs
in establishing - Creya STEM Lab & Design Thinking Studio NIIT Nguru Math Lab & FOURTHMATRICULATION School in establishing -
CREYA STEM LAB AND DESIGN THINKING STUDIO  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math –  a hands on program for  advanced learning and knowledge enhancement.
  •   In STEM students engage in  ideating, designing and  building prototypes of innovative solutions for thereal world problems.
  •   It enhances communication and collaborative skills.
  •   Creya XEL combines projects in Engineering Design, Programming, Robotics, Photography,Audio, Video Editing applications using Tablets.
  •   STEM will produce wholesome students with good communication & necessary
  •   Skills blended to face the challenges confidently & come out successfully.
NIIT Nguru Math Lab Learn math the play way
 A unique technology enabled learning  Solution designed for taking  teaching  and learning of Mathematics  to the next level.
  •   The revolutionary student – centric explorative learning approach of Learn – Apply – Diagnose - LAD  provides ample opportunities for the    Students  to learn the concepts through   fun-filled experiences.
  •   The hands on sensory learning   experiences is provided within the classroom.
  •   Use variety of strategies to solve  problems individually and collaboratively.
  •   Understanding, reasoning and  learning by using concrete
  •   objects improves confidence in students.
The lab will engage students to learn Math easily, interestingly and develop a passion for the subject.

EdSix Brain Lab

Incubated by IIT Madras, RTBI (Rural Technology and Business Incubator) & supported by IIM Ahmedabad’s
CIIE (Centre for Innovation, Incubation And Entrepreneurship)
• Lathangians now learn while playing Through   computer based games.
• Assessment & Training program on –   Focus and   Attention, Linguistics,
  Problem Solving, Memory &   Visual Processing.
• It strengthens decision making &  planning skills.
• Serves as a great foundation for all Competitive  Exams & Olympiads.
In the making of 21st Century student – He / She will be an innovator, problem solver, communicator, collaborator, critical thinker and a self- directed learner.
TEAM  - Together Everyone Achieves More.  Let us all work for the “Glorious future of our Lathangians”.


Birthday Wishes
  • Sam Rithanya T
  • VI - C
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!
  • Barath Sanjay V
  • IV - C
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!
  • Ashvika A M
  • I - C
  • Wish you happy many returns of the day !!!